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Who We Are

We often see working professionals & students alike struggling to achieve the best in training and education. This high octane group seeks a journey of continuous learning that not just opens up their mind, but allows them to mould into a personality perfectly befitting the professional spheres they wish to be or are a part of.

FutureSkomp has been built precisely with this intent, to provide 360° solutions for education and training. As an organization, FutureSkomp has been designed to build industry-relevant capability and future skills, which may not get covered in an individual’s standard education and learning journey. We focus efforts on building future-relevant competency from the earliest stages of learning to as long as one wishes to upgrade their knowledge pool.

In a rapidly changing workforce landscape, the team behind FutureSkomp studies the advancements that industries are constantly making in order to keep you ahead of the times - ready and relevant for tomorrow. The initiators and the many minds that work every day to lead FutureSkomp into a well-rounded organization are a blend of industry experts, educationists and trainers carrying a holistic understanding of the continually evolving skills & competency asks.

Who We Are

To enable the learning journey and create a pool of future-ready students and professionals, FutureSkomp brings together a unique combination of service offerings built on three pillars of

  1. Psychometric assessments
  2. Training programs aimed at building Life skills and Essential professional skills
  3. Building functional capability by being enablers to Admissions in Global Universities and Colleges.


Whether you are a student or working professional our psychometric tests give you an in-depth perspective about your aptitude and professional orientation.Our uniquely designed Career Guidance Tests for different stages of life can be a guiding source to take appropriate career decisions.

Life skills & Essential Professional skills by being training providers for

  • Early Skill-set Development for students in Schools and Colleges
  • Professional Soft skills for students in Colleges and for Working professionals
  • Global Citizenship enabling learners across walks of life to be able to adapt to a global way of life
  • Personality and Image Management for individuals across spectrums

Admission to Global Colleges
and Universities

At FutureSkomp, we understand the need for deeper subject matter expertise. Thus, through our strategic partnerships we play a pivotal role in enabling Admissions to Global Universities & Colleges through training, guidance & counseling, enabling access and admission support to institutes around the world.

At FutureSkomp, we have created specialised delivery models and partnerships providing best in class learning experiences and services on back of deep experience, cutting edge content & operations capabilities.

FutureSkomp imparts training programs through its distinctively curated proficiency platform – The Trainers Consortium. This Platform is a unique assembly of over 300 trainers from diverse backgrounds with expansive training expertise. This is an ever-increasing association of trainers and educationists. Psychometric tests are delivered through partnership with EduSharp & HireSharp. We have partnered with INPHASE a leading organisation in Global Admission Service to provide the required Education and Admission Assistance

With the team behind FutureSkomp and our approach of bringing together the best of platforms & cutting edge content, we are committed to making a difference to the ever evolving students and workforce needs, with a comprehensive approach suited to each of our learners and trainees.

Our Motto – “Keeping you relevant tomorrow”

Our Vision

To build ourselves as a training and education platform that sharpens skills and capabilities of people making them future ready and relevant.

Our Mission

  • Provide essential skills training to schools and colleges
  • Bridge the gap between education provided at educational  institutions and the requirements of a professional environment
  • Enhance capabilities of the existing workforce
  • Increase competencies of the workforce to stay relevant in the times of technological advancements
  • Provide state of the art services