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The Young Minds Initiative – Schools Centric Offerings

The development of behavioral traits, expressions, grasp of concepts, and forming perspectives on actions and events are known to begin in the earliest stages of learning. Children who are exposed to different viewpoints use these as their base for personal and career led choices. This helps to best harness the potential to maximize use through growing years. FutureSkomp has outlined a structural approach for children of different ages keeping in consideration the requirements of the present and future times.

Ages 6- 10

For beginners, it is imperative to lay out a strong foundation of fundamental mannerisms and etiquettes. Critical aspects of the program include:

Social Interactions:
Conversational Skills, speaking and listening, body language, acceptable gestures and eye contact, making friends and maintaining friendships, handling peer pressure and open discussions in a safe space

Personal Etiquettes:
Posture, poise, walking and sitting, dining and table manners, hygiene, dressing up

Ages 11-14

As children grow they are faced with newer challenges which they require to be prepared to counter with set skills such as:

Societal Presence
  • Public Speaking; in groups and owning the room,
  • stage & forums,
  • forming and maintaining a digital persona,
  • being an influence and handling external influences,
  • courteousness and building a host’s and guest’s attitude for events and external gatherings

Ages 14 +

This group of students can be paralleled to birds flying out of the nest. After a comfortable period at school, from here on the whole world awaits them. How they take this on is how their entire future is molded for which they must be armed with a complete skill set that includes:

Future Orientation
Presentation Skills, written communication skills, fundamentals of leadership, digital and social media management, upholding privacy, time management, definition of goals, managing pressure and expectations and internal motivation

Course Duration

Depending on the program chosen, the sessions will range 60-80 hours of classroom/web sessions. The sessions spread can be customised depending on client availability

Designed and created to suit individual needs as per assessment of the child or group of students by school authorities, teachers or parents. These can be supported by our psychometric and aptitude  assessment, through our partner organisation.

The program provides in depth training into identified areas to support the child through various outlined aspects

Course Duration
The sessions combination would typically range from 60-80 hours. The session spread can be customized depending on client availability

This course is a specialised study for school students planning on procuring an overseas education in order to build a worldwide view & deeper functional capability to have a greater option of careers to choose from, across borders.

How does FutureSkomp feature in?

FSK Young Minds: Global Citizen

The bridge between students and their dreams and ambitions of attaining an education that makes multiple shores accessible to them.

Developed strong ties and collaborations with universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand through our partnership with INPHASE Global. Committed to assist students with full information into admission requirements and procedures.
Render possible support in the host countries to help out with accomodation, travel and support for necessary amenities.
Have well defined guidance and qualifying examination training such as programs for IELTS Spoken English.
Tackle one of the most important aspects of preparing for a Global Education by making sure students are culturally aligned and aware of the customs and dynamics in their country of choice.