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Image & Persona Management

The path to a successful, enriching future is paved with opportunities that present themselves to those who stand ready to seize them. The confidence to turn every opportunity into achievement comes from the evaluation of self and being in charge of the impression you set.

In a professional as well as personal sphere in order to attain a certain goal or to leave an impact upon the people we meet it is imperative that we make conscious choices in the way we appear, behave, and communicate.

At FutureSkomp, in collaboration with our subsidiary, ImageStilista, our objective is simple, we plan towards ensuring that the image of our patrons remains as representative in people’s minds even after the individual has left the room; this is to cement the first step of a triumphant future.

There is a growing workforce in startups and an increasing large pool of talent entering various industries every day. Keeping this in mind, it is important that in the midst of rushed hiring employers do not overlook the impression their employees are creating of the company to the clients and external partners. An organization is known by its people, the way they present themselves and the image they build of their company, their communications, dealings, and negotiations.

By ensuring that employees are trained to put their best foot forward at all times, organizations are steadily forming their corporate image that they shall be known by in an industry.

Corporate Image Management Solutions include:

  • The Training of Employees in specific areas or holistic training so that they truly reflect the organisational values and beliefs. This encompasses having complete control of their personality to reflect desired values and ethics to the best of their abilities. For which they must have adequate understanding of:
    1. Appearance: Personal Style, Wardrobe, and Grooming
    2. Etiquette: Dining, Social, and Business
    3. Body Language: Postures, Gestures, and Expressions
    4. Communication: Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Influence and Conflict Resolution
    5. Corporate etiquette which includes appropriateness – on phone calls, with written correspondence, in meetings and when on travel
    6. Cultural Sensitivity: Appreciating Cultural Diversity, Avoiding Stereotypes, Business Interactions with people of different countries, races, and backgrounds.
  • A Corporate Image Retainer for the company to ensure that all its new hires are given the same training and consistency of employee standards is maintained.
  • One on one coaching solutions are provided to employees moving up the ladder in order for their appearance and credibility to match the roles they play in the system.

An individual’s image is testament to where they come from and where they’re headed. The coaching is directed at readying them for every situation whether in their professional lives, amongst friends and peers, or even with family.

When one is confident in themselves, it is difficult for others to not take them seriously and take their opinion into account. It also builds a more positive approach towards the person in regular life instances like hosting events, giving interviews and navigating through personal and professional encounters.

The individual programs are delivered one on one & customised based on a detailed assessment via indepth discussions, to craft out the best solutions and programs for the individual.