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Global Universities and Colleges Admission

At FutureSkomp, we put a great amount of emphasis on education. There is a constantly growing number of students wishing to attain a global perspective in their respective domains. We work towards pointing each of them in the right direction and providing them with all the necessary guidance in selecting the right university. Our services also include preparing for qualifying examinations such as the IELTS Spoken English test.

Our collaboration with INPHASE Global and a thorough study of each of the international educational markets in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand allows us to help you plan your shift well in advance. Our expertise lies in bringing you a detailed schedule for

  • Understanding the requirements of a university,
  • Preparing for qualifying examinations,
  • The application process
  • Support tools required for living and accomodation in the host country.

A geographical shift also ensures a drastic cultural shift. In order to bring you into this change more comfortably, we lay out the cultural differences and the appropriate behavioral practices for where you are headed. An important aspect of the training given to students planning to move to international waters is building their cultural sensitivity. This gets them ready for the differences in which people and activities are conducted in different countries – these aspects are extensively covered through our Global Citizenship Training Program.