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Leaders of Tomorrow – Working Professionals Centric

The best amongst ambitious career driven people are those who accept that they must keep learning to move up the ladder. The organisations too, focus on enhancing their employees abilities, for them to be able to be a dominant player in their segment.

At FutureSkomp, we take this up as a challenge to constantly keep ourselves updated and help organizations and working professionals build that ‘differentiator’ to stay relevant in the industry, at all times.

As the workforce grows into a corporate atmosphere it becomes imperative for them to possess fundamental soft skills required to succeed. Our programs encompass aspects around

  • Organizational essentials like team work, team management, performance management, time management, planning and prioritizing, business etiquette, client servicing, conflict resolution , social media management and the likes
  • Enhancing functional effectiveness programs like customer service, tech trends awareness, sales management, negotiation skills, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal skills, and so on.

At FutureSkomp we bring an array of essential soft skills training programs which are a must have enabling individual success and keeping them future relevant

The above stated  programs will be imparted as customised workshops.

Global footprint or global aspiration is an intrinsic component of operations of any organisation. FutureSkomp works towards partnering with corporates to train individuals traveling internationally and having them ready with cultural insights and present the best version of themselves and the organisation.

While working, networking becomes unavoidable, corporates need their employees to land the perfect first impression with clients, vendors, media & in social circles. FutureSkomp assists them in this mission by picking up on the most basic points such as dressing and then goes on to having a likeable body language, being well groomed, fundamentals of communication, overall persona management and so on. This program clubbed with our FSK Industry program can be a game changer for the organisations.

For Leaders of Tomorrow, FutureSkomp offers structured essential skills programs, specifically for the B2C segment, having high customer-interaction.  However, since our offerings are industry agnostic customized programs can be created for any industrial sector and segment.. Some highlights of  industry specific offerings have  been provided below. These would be part of our overall program package for the segment


Customer service & selling skills, communication and listening, design thinking

Hospitality & Aviation

Emotional Intelligence, motivation and empathy, anger management and stress management, team work, design thinking


Selling, communication, empathy, assertiveness, relationship management, design thinking, creativity


Communication, critical thinking, detail orientation, design thinking


Functional teacher training programs, communication, student and parent interaction, empathy and sensitivity