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At FutureSkomp, we have partnered with MyDisha to provide you with best in class Psychometric Assessment Tests. MyDisha is a cloud based platform career guidance assessment and counselling platform enabling one to make right career decisions on the back of scientific approach.

The tests have been built customized to provide guidance depending on the stage at which a student or professional is. These are as follows

Career Guidance Test for class 8th to 12th : Based on an individual’s response to the questions the tests helps in gauging the details around Interest, Personality and Aptitude.

  1. Interest : The test helps one assess what one likes or does not like. It tells what one is inclined to learn more than the rest of the aspects being taught & will also help the individual to understand where to focus more.
  2. Personality : This is what one is as an individual and how he/she  comes across to people. The tests are a tool to help one  understand yourself better including one’s strongest traits and behaviour most of the time. The tests can be a guiding source to help the individual with what careers match one’s  personality.
  3. Aptitude :This is the natural ability one is born with and if rightly developed over a period of time can be a great enabler to building successful careers. The test is a measure of one’s skill. The test helps one understand their  skill whether it be numerical or language and thus a guiding source to take career decisions.

Based on the reports we can help the individual get connected to career counselors for the right perspectives and guidance. We can also enable with training solutions, as needed and articulated under the Training Solutions segment.

Career Guidance tests Graduates and Post Graduates : This tests helps one to understand the best suited role based on one’s capability and personality quotient. My Employability Test (MET) is a tool designed to assess individuals in a way that identifies their all-round potential and thereby recommend a profession that will prove to be a natural fit. This assessment also takes into consideration the personal goals of individuals and will point out strengths as well as areas which need improvement, in order to help them raise their chances of landing their dream jobs. Applicants will be able to test the three main parameters (aptitude skills, workplace competency and personality traits), that will enable them to make informed career decisions.Based on an individual’s response to the questions the tests helps in gauging the details around Aptitude, Workplace competency, Personality traits & Employability Quotient.

The training programs at FutureSkomp further helps one bridge gaps that are reflected in the tests, enabling to further the career journey one is keen on.

Process to take the test :

1Register for the test by clicking the Enroll Now link below

2We will send you the charges and payment details

3Once payment is made we will send your unique login i.d. and password

4Take the test and reports will be directly sent to your mail i.d.

Next steps/how can we help further :

1Connect with us if you need further support on report

2We will help you connect with the career counselors

3Help chart out a specific soft skill program needed to enhance certain personality aspects

4Help you further your ambition of global education