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The Rising Stars Journey – Colleges Centric

Students at the collegiate level are living at the doorstep of their entire future selves. At this stage of learning, it is imperative to pack up every piece of knowledge and training possible for them. This allows them to carry fresh into the different avenues they travel to and when they meet a plethora of different people, this point forward.

An advanced study of the core essential soft-skills to be imbibed by an individual to rise in the society and become an undeniable asset in educational spheres and consecutively into the professional world.

As students step into a highly competitive atmosphere, the CORE program provides a well rounded course covering multiple essential soft-skills helping to enhance a student’s adaptability in the professional world and society at large. The program along with in-depth conceptual understanding provides:

  • Real life scenario based case studies allowing students to gauge situations they may be faced with and are taught approaches to tackle and go about said situations.
  • Playing distinctive and differentiated roles preparing students to walk in another person’s shoes, understand various perspectives, build empathy, and learn the best ways to respond and behave with people in those roles.
  • Sessions in group discussions teach students a big lesson in language skills, tonality, waiting your turn to speak, making a point hence helping to develop confidence in oration.
  • Laying down a framework for formal and informal writing for Emails, SOWs and so on

This course puts down a comprehensive plan of must have skills that are often missed in a theoretical education system. The program equips learners with practical skills to tackle everyday personal and professional situations.

Course Duration:

The sessions will range 60-80 hours of classroom/web sessions. The sessions spread can be customised depending on client availability

As students grow, they begin to self evaluate and prepare for the future. This is when they fully understand what they lack and where they’re falling short. They are also equipped to make calculated judgements on what skills they require polishing for the field they wish to pursue and the type of people they are likely to interact with.

Parents and educational institutes play a large role in helping them make these assessments – this can be further augmented by psychometric tests, through our partner organisation. This course is formulated on the basis of need of an individual only emphasizing on topics for learning that a student requires the most

Colleges and Universities wishing for their students to be polished in a particular  skill, may also underline the requisites of a course that can be tailor-made for them.

For students preparing to move out of the country to study specialised subjects and be part of an ever evolving academic environment, they must have a checklist of things to tackle prior to the shifting process.

This begins with the guidance in search for an appropriate institute to enroll in based on your choice of subject, budgets and climatic & cultural adaptability. FutureSkomp through its partner INPHASE maintains relationships with prestigious universities and colleges across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand to ease the way of students into these institutes.

It also provides lessons and training for qualifying examinations such as IELTS for spoken English and cultural understanding of the countries where the student wishes to transfer.

A brand gains credibility in the sight of its audience due to a multitude of reasons. This holds equally true for humans. As people, we are but a brand putting ourselves before an audience every day expecting acceptance, respect, interest, and foremost – recognition. To achieve this, it is crucial to display qualities of confidence, competence, and communication.

Goal oriented individuals have one thing in common, they’re meeting people on a regular basis and must be able to convince them of their intent and will through their persona in itself. Thus, aspects of how you carry yourself, maintain appearances, and conduct yourself during communication become extremely crucial.

As college students move on into their futures, FutureSkomp through its subsidiary, Imagestilista, provides them a lesson in brand building which is how they are going to be recognized by their peers and that’s the image that will be formed with those that the students are looking to impress and influence.

Course Duration

The sessions will range 32-48  hours of classroom/web sessions. The sessions spread can be customised depending on client availability

In today’s time, students know what they want from life and wish to head straight into following their passions as college life comes to an end. While colleges provide ample informative education what gets missed out most often is how to conduct oneself in an actual workforce and in the specific industry of choice.

FutureSkomp along with The Trainers Consortium is equipped to train individuals,on sector specific soft-skills, for customer intensive segments like Retail, Nursing, Hospitality, Tourism, BFSI, IT, Education to name a few

The training here stems from the understanding that every field has its own quirks and requires a separate set of skills along with distinct dominant behavioral traits such as convincing abilities in retail, interest piquing abilities in tourism, handling clients in IT, effective sales pitch in BFSI, customer centricity in hospitality and so on. These are just some examples of what we offer at FutureSkomp .

At FutureSkomp we have curated multiple industry specific soft-skill packages to provide a headstart to our learners in respective industrial segments.