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Enlightenment, for ages as we know is defined by the level & amount of education (atleast in the standard way we know). This process surely does not & should not end with  one’s academic years. It is a continuous journey as long as one lives, for that’s what keeps lives interesting & that’s what we at FutureSkomp too believe and enable.

The path to enlightenment (in context to this article, akin to growth and enhancing skills) has been fairly standard and that is institution-instructor-learner, the IIL approach of learning. The approach has been challenged at various times in various forms. But this time is possibly the most apt not just to challenge the approach but finding the new way to get ‘enlightened’.

This article is first in its series to bring to the forefront some of the critical questions & their simple answers, which maybe we all know but have not bothered to ask them to ourselves. For knowledge, as a lot many of us may have relented to the fact, is only a way to ‘something’ without realizing this knowledge is ‘that something – the everything – the enlightenment’ & the rest follows.

Some fundamental questions that come to mind, in these times

  1. What was learnings that we invested time and money in, about? All the learnings could not keep a plethora of people gainfully employed.
  2. Would standard learning matter, that we are subjected to in life make sense in a world which is transforming at an unprecedented pace? The differentiated thinking to that learning matter was never more relevant than today
  3. Would the standard approach of learning the IIL way still relevant? The institutions wear a deserted look world over
  4. Do the instructors align to the fact that maybe two-third of the kindergarten kids will work in professions unheard of today? The standard content and approach is already showing its gaps
  5. Can and should knowledge, skills, learning and thus the enlightenment be constrained to a brick and mortar structure? Knowledge is endless and like the air, should be available everywhere and at all times
  6. Have those who have moved on from academic structures (our working class), continued with the IIL and traditional way of learning? Actually, are they really learning or just understanding the different jargons to impress on others for that perceived growth
  7. Do professionals need define the limit of their learning journey by the annual increment? Well even if so, then the learning is going to impact not just increment but ability to get paid itself
  8. What I learn today will it have relevance forget long term but even in short term? The changing scenarios including that of health shows the ability to be differently skilled at all times is the only way to survive
  9. Will doing what one does today better by learning more of the same help? Your guess is as good as mine here
  10. Will the world which moves at rapid pace towards artificial intelligence need ‘my normal intelligence’? Well every Hollywood sci-fi movie I saw growing up, seems to have come to life in this very life. The normal intelligence is creating the artificial intelligence and will (or has to) find a way to stay ahead. For in every Hollywood move the normal intelligence wins in the end!

We at FutureSkomp just begin this journey and will continue to address above questions and many more …WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE !

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